Car insurance comparatives are quotation tools that allow you to calculate the price of auto insurance between different insurance companies .

Comparison of car insurance

Comparison of car insurance

The quotes are subject to changes according to the plans and market prices, as well as the amount of information you provide when filling out a form on the internet. The more information you provide, the more accurate the assessment will be.

On the internet there are several comparisons of car insurance that facilitate:

  • Know the best protection plans with good value for money.
  • Discover the offer of the best car insurers .
  • Get the most competitive price according to what you need.
  • Guarantee accessible insurance premiums.
  • Show the protection options that fit your type of driver, according to your needs and the model you use.
  • Expand the information about insurance coverage and benefits.

Finding the ideal policy at the best price is the biggest advantage of online comparators.

Finding the ideal policy at the best price is the biggest advantage of online comparators.

These serve as a point of reference to know the prices of the insurance market, although it is important to investigate on your own what are the coverages and the added values ​​of each insurance.

Car insurance comparisons also allow you to choose between different packages and coverages:

  • Damage. You will be covered for total or partial loss, depending on the package you hire.
  • Stole. You choose if you want protection for the theft of auto parts, the total theft of the car and even compensation for the loss of personal belongings.
  • Civil liability to meet the costs of compensation to third parties.
  • Civil liability for the death of third parties and / or occupants of the vehicle.
  • Medical expenses for the driver and / or occupants of the vehicle if they need medical attention after an accident.
  • Legal assistance for damage claims.
  • Road and travel assistance , which will help you a lot along the way.
  • Self substitute If your vehicle needs repairs, total replacement or was stolen, you can get a temporary car.
  • Coverage abroad . You can also take your car to other countries and be protected. In Mexico, there are special options for driving in the United States and Canada.

To use the comparisons of car insurance you only need to enter the basic data of the car (make and model), as well as your personal information (name, email, contact telephone number, postal code) and follow the instructions of the tool to quote your safe.

The insurance offer is quite broad, so do not hesitate to approach an insurance advisor if you have questions or want more information about it. You can get your Auto Insurance up to 50% below the price of any insurance comparison.

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