British Jewish fan abused ‘Rubinstein’ football shirt


An English Jewish football fan has revealed they were racially abused as they entered Wembley Stadium to watch the Euro 2020 final.

Actor and writer Jolyon Rubinstein said he suffered anti-Semitic abuse as he took off his coat to reveal a shirt with his last name on the back.

He tweeted: ‘I was the victim of racist abuse last night as I entered Wembley Stadium.

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“My shirt has Rubinstein on the back.

“I took off my coat and immediately, ‘Are you even from this country’ and ‘he’s a Jew’ followed by laughter and taunting by a group of six men in their fifties. “

Rubinstein – best known for writing BBC Three’s The Revolution will be televised – added: “I told them that my grandfather fought the Nazis. They laugh. My message to them is that you will never win.

“May this team represent unity and diversity. You are the past. You are dying.

On Monday, in an angry social media post, he continued, “Your hatred only strengthens my anti-racist belief. I defend progress and a new progressive patriotism based on inclusion and respect.

“We have work to do in this country. Those at the top must lead by example.

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