Swindon Town fans angry as seller of retro football shirts fails to deliver

Swindon Town fans claim they have hundreds of pounds out of pocket and shirtless after the owner of a vintage kit replica business failed to deliver and then went silent.

Limited Retro, an independent seller who claimed to be working with a company called Spall Retro, offered fans across the city the chance to buy hard-to-get Swindon shirts, which many of them skipped.

According to customers, the seller provided the first orders and people were delighted with the product.

But then the goods did not arrive and the seller stopped responding to questions and refund requests.

Limited Retro’s last social media post, a promise that shirts were coming, was on November 12. The pinned post on the same Twitter account is an apology and a plea for people to give them a chance to fulfill the orders.

Oliver James, a collector of dress shirts, from Witney, placed around £300 worth of orders which went unfulfilled.

“It started well. Earlier this year they advertised the shirts, people paid, and they received the shirts in perfect condition. The product was good, so they started to build trust,” the 34-year-old said.

“But then their Shopify account was deleted and we were told to send money directly to a bank account.

“The apologies and the delays started coming in, and they weren’t responding to people for weeks.”

Oliver said he expected not to get the money back because he used a wire transfer to pay, but he opened a claim with his bank anyway.

At this point, Limited Retro posted messages on social media begging people to rescind their claims so they could fulfill the orders, which Oliver did.

“But nothing happened, no money was refunded and the last time I heard from them was November 12,” he said.

“I don’t know if this is a deliberate attempt to defraud people or if they’ve been overwhelmed with orders, but people are still waiting for refunds or shirts so it’s not okay.”

David Benton, from Swindon, spent £53.99 on a shirt he didn’t receive and he hasn’t heard from Limited Retro since October. Kevin Foley, from Calne, has ordered a shirt for himself and another for a co-worker, but has yet to receive them.

Several others shared similar stories.

Oliver is now filing a lawsuit in Small Claims Court and seeking to speak to as many of those affected as possible. He can be contacted via twitter.com/swindonshirts.

The advertiser approached both Limited Retro and Spall Limited but received no response.

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