Umbro x Rowing blazers just made this year’s best soccer jersey


Brand: Umbro x Aviron Blazers

Season: Spring 21

Release date: Available now

To buy: Rowing blazers

Editor’s Notes: Rowing Blazers has partnered with Umbro on a capsule collection which is available for purchase now. For the collection, Rowing Blazers (founded by US rowing team member Jack Carlson) moved away from classic rugby shirts and blazers that the brand has built a cult following and instead focused on jersey shirts. classic football, shorts and coach jackets.

Of course, the football change makes sense when you consider Umbro’s legacy. The English sportswear brand has been offering football kits ever since it first outfitted the Manchester City and Portsmouth teams in the 1934 FA Cup final.

Sports history aside, it’s the impressions that turn heads – there is nothing calm about this collaboration. The 12 pieces of the chute are fully covered in standout prints: Gordon Modern tartan, gun club house tweed, zigzag pattern and iconic croquet stripes, which also adorn the limited edition soccer ball that ends the fall.

Most of the pieces in the collection feature Umbro’s double diamond logo, and the jerseys feature Carlson’s personal coat of arms (granted by the College of Arms in England) on the chest, placed where a sponsor logo would usually be placed. The mantle includes references to his time on the US rowing team, archeology, and his childhood dog.

Discover the collection in its entirety via the gallery at the top.


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