GMB fans mortified as Kate Garraway ravages Ukraine soccer jersey in front of Ambassador



Good Morning Britain viewers joined in support for England this week as the hosts celebrated the victory throughout the week.

The next match is tomorrow, and while viewers are delighted to see England play in the quarter-finals, some people think Kate Garraway may have gone one step too far this morning.

Ukraine’s Ambassador to the UK, Vadym Prystaiko, was welcomed on the show this morning to discuss England’s match against Ukraine tomorrow.

While Kate and Adil were well dressed to support their team, Kate said she couldn’t bring herself to wear it, before adding that the card on the yellow top looked like a “stain”.

GMB host Kate Garraway criticized for comment

Speaking of the shirt, she said: “I don’t know if you can see it up close, but there is a map on the front of your t-shirt. It’s hard to see.

“It sort of looks like the kind of t-shirt my son would pick up off the floor and think it’s not too dirty. It looks a bit like a stain.”

Adil laughed and said, “Steady, stable!”

Kate replied, “Well you know what I mean, that’s a bit!”

Viewers were quick to criticize her on Twitter, with one user writing: “Did she just say that?”

Kate compared the T-shirt to a stained shirt
Kate compared the T-shirt to a stained shirt

While another added: “Kate is so rude.”

Another person thought there would have been more outcry if it wasn’t Kate who had said it …

They wrote: “Could you imagine the uproar if [Piers] Morgan had told the Ukrainian ambassador that his country looked like a stain on the shirt? “

Others said they “gritted their teeth” at the comment.

Kate told the comment to Ambassador Vadym Prystaiko
Kate told the comment to Ambassador Vadym Prystaiko

The quip came after Vadym Prystaiko told the hosts that the Ukrainian community was very excited as it was the first time they had climbed this high.

Adil Ray reminded Ambassador Jack Grealish, but it was quickly closed as the Ambassador added: “We have a few people on our side too!”

The football match takes place in Rome, but unfortunately due to Covid-19 fans residing in England will not be able to attend.

However, there are still fans showing their support as any English fan living elsewhere in Europe will be able to attend.

GMB continues tomorrow at 6 a.m.


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