What is Blokcore? TikTok soccer jersey fashion trend explained

From musical soundtracks to dances, TikTok is well known for hosting the latest trends that can sometimes dominate the social media app. The latest trend is called Blokecore.

While it’s unclear where and when exactly the phrase Blokecore was first coined, it’s undeniably popular. The trending videos have over seven million views on ICT Tac .

The trend celebrates the style of middle-aged men. Here’s everything you need to know about this new trend taking the app by storm.

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What is the Blokecore TikTok trending?

Blokecare is a TikTok fashion trend pushing the style of middle-aged men forward. Typical outfits you can expect to see in a blokecore outfit include football t-shirts, beat up jeans, and baggy tops.

At first glance, it gives off a carefree vibe towards fashion, but the trend has taken over TikTok lately, with users sharing videos of themselves wearing outfits that match the trend. At this rate, if the trend continues, it promises to be one of the biggest fashion trends of the summer!

This nostalgic trend is reminiscent of the ’90s era and features outfits you’d expect to see a beer-drinking dad wear. However, the trend is being embraced by Gen Z boys on the social media app.

If you’ve been on TikTok for a while, you’ll know that trending throwback themes are no stranger to TikTok. Previous trends on the app included low rise jeans, UGG boots and butterfly tops, which are popular fashion trends in the 90s and 2000s.

According QG at the heart of blokecore is a ‘resurgence of satirical nostalgia that has taken firm hold of the menswear landscape in years past’ in particular, they note, is ‘laddish football culture from 90s Britain, which drew its influence from the early days of Indie Rock and Britpop pioneers like the Gallagher Brothers.

TikTok users, like this one, can be seen doing inspired by blockcore outfit ideas for the summer.

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